• Do You Really Want to Know How Your Hot Dog Was Made?

    Recently profiled on Discovery Channel’s How It’s Made program, a hot dog factory let viewers in on the nauseating secrets on how hot dogs are made.

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    Amish 11-Year-Old Patient Ordered into Chemotherapy by Judge

    A judge tried forcing an 11-year-old Amish girl into chemotherapy, but the family ultimately won in saving her daughter from medical catastrophe.

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  • 500% Radiation Increase of ‘No Concern’: Experts to Unveil Radiation Levels in CA from Fukushima Fallout

    An Assembly member from California wants more transparency for citizens concerning the Fukushima fallout hitting their shores. Bob Wieckowski is asking for the Department of Public Health to post updated information about the true radiation levels on California coastlines, requesting that they be put in ‘layman’s’ terms to mitigate any concerns about the true radiation exposure that many citizens and the marine animals are being exposed to. Meanwhile, a citizen-posted YouTube video showing alarmingly high radiation rates on ‘Surfer’s Beach’ has gone viral. Public officials did [...]

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    Germanium: Single Compound Kills 5 Types of Cancer, Often in Single Dose

    Germanium has been used for decades to eradicate cancerous tumors from the body, often in a single, non-toxic dose.

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  • Glutathione: Understand the Importance of this “Master Antioxidant”

    Glutathione is the “master antioxidant” most important for immune system protection. It can even replenish other antioxidants polluted with free radicals.

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