14-Year Old Blasts TV Host from Shark Tank for Remarks About GMO Foods

If we all knew as much about the dangers of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in our food as 14-year old Rachel Parent does, we’d likely make some more significant headway in convincing the U.S. government to, at the very least, label genetically modified food products as such. The teen doesn’t only know about genetically modified foods though, she has some serious confidence in her views, making her a great representative of the anti-GMO movement and the perfect person to take on condescending bullies in today’s mainstream media.

Parent did just that—trading barbs and coming out on top—when she was on CBC-Canada’s “The Lang and O’Leary Show”, a sort of news-come-drama-reality-show hosted by a self-described billionaire who, according to Yahoo Finance, prefers a style of “bluster and bombast”. In other words, he’s an over-confident rich bully who happens to have a television show.

O’Leary invited Parent onto his show after she gave a speech to students calling the television host out for his “idiotic” views on the GMO foods debate. In particular, she blasted him for his remark that people who oppose GMOs should “stop eating” so we can “get rid of them.” Parent agreed to appear if he promised not to call her stupid. In turn, she said, she wouldn’t call him a fascist.

The video of her appearance has since gone viral as the young teen comes across as a cool, confident, and informed lady, unmoved by O’Leary’s accusations and demeaning approach.

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At one point, O’Leary tries to trip Parent up, asking if she was born in an Asian country instead, where vitamin A deficiency is common and can lead to blindness and death (his words), wouldn’t she want to be “saved” by Monsanto’s Golden rice, genetically modified to deliver extra vitamin A?

Parent’s response proved she knew even more than the host:

“[Monsanto’s] Golden Rice was scrapped because it didn’t work,” replied Parent. “And in order for the average 11-year-old boy to get enough Vitamin A from rice he would have to eat 27 bowls of rice per day,” said Parent. “The reason there is blindness isn’t because there is a lack of Vitamin A in the rice, it’s because their diets are simply rice.”

To “win” the battle against Monsanto and genetically modified foods, or, at the very least, win GMO labeling, we need more informed people like this 14-year old phenom on our side. We need to be able to lay out the facts and do so with confidence. So, are you prepared to defend your position on genetically modified organisms in our food supply?

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  1. KickboxingMama says:

    A 12 year old has a better grasp of what reality is than the 2 adults in the room. How pathetic!!!!! Maybe the adults should educate themselves before going on a tv program. Does O’Leary have some financial interest in this debate? If not, he’s just a moron and a bully.

  2. N_Disnye says:

    She’s great, but I really think the point is lost.

    Jon Rappoport argues this labelling campaign falls right into Monsatan’s lap.

    The ONLY way forward is to stop all GMO’s until the Corporations, who bribe everyone who is a potential threat, accept independent monitoring and controls and extended testing with openly published results WITH independent scientific committee based decisions on future marketing permits.

  3. ToM says:

    O’Leary is a piece of shit and spews nothing but lies and disinformation. Anyone who watches this show, will be guaranteed to be more stupid then when they started watching the show.

  4. Robert Park says:

    Pathetic; who wrote the script for her and who has brainwashed her; it is not that she is wrong is said but she is simply too young to know from experience. There is more than a natural degree of vanity about her; she manifestly loves an audience.

  5. Kirk Bashaw says:

    Challenge O’leary and ask if he would be willing to eat a 100% GMO Diet.

  6. tom says:

    plant are made by god they are already perfect so dont mess with them

  7. Andrea Lambert says:

    Does anyone realize that genetic modification is not for adding anything good like vitamins? It’s ONLY for Monsanto’s profit. They ONLY add genes to the plants to make them resistant to the toxic Monsanto sprays. GMO’s spread the genes inserted to other plants and make them resistant as well. It’s all the same mindset and we will get the same results as we are getting by giving everyone antibiotics. We are destroying the earth and everyone on it by trying to beat nature. We are going to get beat in the end and WIPED off the face of the earth! By the way, people in Asian countries don’t ONLY eat rice Kevin! You are so sheltered. Get a life!

  8. WagTheDawg says:

    He called that young girl a “lobbyist” and “shill” for her cause. The truth is that he brashly displayed that HE is the lobbyist and shill for the Monsantos out there. What an ass!

  9. callie says:

    How brilliant was Rachel? She truly held her own against the bully boys/girl who are so well versed in their ‘art’ of twisting and skewing all rational thought processes and making mince meat of opposition……….to use those same tactics on a 14 year old person made me cringe but, my word, didn’t it just show the calibre of our revered interviewers??
    Smacks of the hunter who sneaks out of the undergrowth and shoots an unsuspecting deer……from behind, with a machine gun, then smirks with arrogance at his achievement !!!!!
    Only these people did it with effortless ‘savvy’ and showed themselves to be cowards who bow to the boys who cover their faces with a make-up mask before they face the camera.
    How brilliant was Rachel?

  10. Linda Bell says:

    That male announcer needs to get educated on nutrition and the alternatives to genetically modified food. We have lived for centuries without adulterating our food and science comes along with the idea of genetically modifying food for corporate profit (and lets face it – control of the human food chain which means even MORE profit) so when science is USED as a means to this end – science does not have my support! I am a nutritionally aware person, I know the effect of food on my body on an almost daily basis, and I most certainly refuse to be part of the evil master plan for the likes of MONSANTOS and company ….

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