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9-Year Old Girl Attends McDonald’s Meeting, Grills CEO for Selling ‘Junk Food’

We all want to personally thank Hannah Robertson for being one of the youngest corporate accountability activists on record. The young girl recently attended a McDonald’s shareholder’s meeting in Illinois with her mother to comment on the food that the corporate giant sells to the world, and specifically to children. She stated, “It would be nice if you stopped trying to trick kids into wanting junk food all the time.”

Ms. Robertson was not happy with his response, when he tried to tell her that French fries cooked in unhealthy fats, hamburgers, shakes, and happy meals weren’t junk food at all. The CEO, Don Thompson, replied, “we don’t sell junk food.”

While McDonald’s states that it is trying to offer more healthy menu items, their staples are anything but that. For example, a Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese is a whopping 740 calories with 42 grams of fat, and 1190 mg of sodium. That doesn’t account casino pa natet for the fries and soft drink that are normally ordered together with the sandwich. Even some of the grilled chicken sandwiches are high in fat and calories. If you add to this, the soda which McDonald’s sells every year (one 32 oz, large Coca-Cola Classic has more than 86 grams of sugar, or over 20 teaspoons of sugar, you could hardly call McDonald’s a ‘healthy choice’ for a growing population of children.

McDonald’s does offer salads, but you can almost guarantee that almost all the fruits and vegetables sourced for the many thousands of fast food restaurants around the globe use GMO For that reason, free virgo horoscope are extremely health conscious, to the point of being storehouses of information on diet and hygiene. wheat, corn, and soy, as well as other crops like sugar cane to round out their menus. What”s worse, some of the restaurant”s food contains dangerous ingredients like autolyzed yeast extract, propylene glycol, and a flour-bleaching agent that is banned in other nations from being used in food.

There is a clear link between fast foods like the ones that McDonald’s serves and increasing Obesity rates. With more than 33,000 restaurants throughout in over 118 countries, including over 14,000 restaurants in the U.S. alone, McDonald’s might want to listen to Hannah Robertson.

Once a 9-year old outs your shady business practices that negatively affect the health of the people, it might be time to radically change your business plan. There is no doubt that Hannah would get along great with the 11-year old boy who verbally took down Monsanto.

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  1. Debi says:

    Ohhhh and as parents, we all know that our kids want those chicken 'mgnuggets'. Seems they are addictive. AND NO chicken in them. Healthy… NOT! Why are they even called Chicken. False advertising!
    Way to go Mom for allowing your child to stand up to a corporation.

  2. Hollli says:

    Much love & respect goes out to this little girl. It can't be easy to stand up and speak up abut the toxic crap sold at McDonald's to the BRAINWASHED and/or UNINFORMED CEO of McDonald's. His rebuttal is so politically correct, so expected. Give her "kuddos", pat her on the head, run along little girl, and deny, deny, deny…

  3. Skinnycat says:

    McDonalds is yet another scourge on the food menu. Look around you and see the fat people that are going into these joints.
    Parents should be wiser n their choices. It IS addictive.

  4. Openureyes says:

    Did anyone see the documentary called "Super size me"??? If not you need to watch it!!!

  5. aemish says:

    You rule, Hannah!

  6. Guest says:

    You have a choice to go to McDonald's. The same way you have a choice to make yourself friend eggs and bacon for breakfast. There are no guns to heads here. I complete agree with this child, but the comments here are blaming McDonalds. No, they are not to blame. Look at your government. Why are they allowing this. Why is a happy meal half the price of a salad? McDonald's isn't alone, they are just #1 so always looked at. Tell me Burger King, Wendy's, Dairy Queen are any better. Is that even ice cream you get at dairy queen? Let it melt and tell me then. Fight your government. Tell them you want, tell them we want an end to manufactured food and food should only contain food ingredients.

  7. wondrousnora says:

    I am sorry, but even if it is right McDonald's sells unhealthy food, it is your personal choice to eat there or to bring your children there.
    We are responsible human beings – or at least we all should be – and WE have to teach our children how to eat, not McDonald's.
    I went to a McDonald's restaurant last week with my 2 yrs old son, we don't usually go there but I thought we could go for once.
    He refused even to taste the Chicken McNuggets he got with his Happy Meal and went for the piece of ananas I ordered as a dessert for him.
    I was surprised at first, but we eat healthy, fresh made food everyday at home, with plenty of vegetables and fruit. And no sodas at all, only water, milk and fresh squeezed juices. THIS makes all the difference.

  8. Enigma says:

    I agree completely with previous posts, save the last comment about choice. We are truly limited in our choices as much of the”foods” sold at our grocery stores are not really food at all. And for the last comment about drinking water, milk and fresh squeezed juices…water is not free from harmful chemicals, milk has never been an ideal food but is increasingly unhealthy and full of hormones, fruits are almost always mutations. Wake up folks!!! It will take more than just thinking you are superior to others who don’t make good choices. It will take a conscious effort to make real change.

  9. T Sachs MD says:

    where else can a family of 4 or more eat a meal out together for under 15-20 bucks ? The food industry and gov subsidy programs keep the poor sick by making bad food avail cheaply and in abundance. We should instead be helping small farms and community gardens and growing veggies for all…..

  10. kileysmith66 says:

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