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Town in England Transforms Landscape into Giant Food-Producing Edible Garden

(NaturalSociety.com) Since Monsanto, Dupont, Syngenta, the FDA, and CDC never asked us if we wanted to eat genetically modified foods, I think it is high time we take the advice of this incredible town who didn’t even wait to be told ‘no.’ One forward-thinking town in the North of England, called Todmorden, decided to forget the law and do things their own way to become more food sovereign. Without permission from Big Government, Big Ag, and Big Pharma, they transformed their towns landscape into a giant food-producing. edible garden.

With the help of Pam Warhurst, people have transformed the landscape in almost every conceivable space in the town. She calls it ‘propaganda gardening’ and there are fruits, vegetables and herbs popping up all over the place. You can find these ‘propaganda’ gardens in front of a health center, at a railway station, across from a police station, and even a ‘spouted’ cemetery. Warhurst says, ‘the soil is extremely good.’ They even have tourists who come to check out what they are doing – to observe the revolution happening in North England.

Food is a universal language, and only three people sitting around the kitchen table came up with this plan – no reports, no planning, no excess anything. She decided to get the ‘community plates’ spinning so that the idea could build resilience, and grow, without a ‘single strategy document or asking any commission to give it approval.’ She also says they weren’t daunted by online slots the arguments that ‘small actions’ are useless. She knows differently.

If you aren’t inspired by this incredible transformation of a town which started with a seed swap, and a kitchen table gossip session, then you may want to check your pulse.

Restoring local ecosystems with edible gardens and planting regenerative landscapes, even on small scale, can ripple out like a pebble thrown on a lake’s surface to ensure that rich, unpolluted soil, and unaltered seeds nourish unbastardized crops that can flourish for generations to come in every corner of the planet.

Although our governments have not declared a formal war against the people, they seem to have been so completely enamored by GMO companies that they are allowing them to plant crops that cause numerous health issues. While we should keep speaking out against Monsanto and educate people who aren’t familiar with the near-catastrophic state of our food supply, the ‘victory’ just might be in taking up a shovel and planting some heirloom seeds.

Edible gardens could save our food.