Examining What’s Inside the McDonald’s McRib

Are you familiar with the McDonald’s McRib? It’s an infamous menu item available only in certain undisclosed locations around the United States. A website was even developed for fast food lovers to track McRib locations around the country. But is the McRib worth your time or money? In this video, you will learn that the McRib – along with most other fast food items – is actually compromising your health.

The McRib is nothing short of ‘a McDeath’ when you analyze the ingredients involved. Just as you would expect “beef” to be the ingredient in a hamburger, you would probably assume the ingredients in a McRib are pork, bread, and maybe some sauce and onions. But to many people’s surprise, the McRib actually contains 70 different ingredients, many of which are health-threatening fillers and preservatives.

McRib Ingredients

First on the list is an ingredient known as azodicarbonamide. This flour-bleaching agent, which is also used in the production of foamed plastics, has actually gained some attention from the mainstream media due it’s use. While allowed in the U.S., azodicarbonamide is s banned in Europe and Australia as a food additive. Using the substance in food could even result in a $450,000 fine and 15 years jail time.

If that wasn’t bad enough for McRib fans, perhaps hearing that the pork is actually restructured meat from pig heart, tongue, and stomach make you want to quit eating? According to an article from Chicago magazine, the McRib is a ‘restructured meat product’. Proteins extracted from this restructured meat-medley bind all the pork trimmings together so that it can be re-molded into any specific shape. In the McRib’s case, the restructured meat is formed into a phony slab of ribs.

Yes, this means that is isn’t an actual rib.

To top it off, this food item, along with virtually all fast food items, is equipped with GMO ingredients – an issue most of the public is unaware of. Many studies have shown that GMOs, often implemented into seeds to make crops more resistant to pesticides, are questionable at best. At worst, GM creations are devastating to humans, the ecosystem, and the planet at large. In one famous study, GMOs were shown to induce tumors in rats fed a lifetime GM diet.

In the end, the McRib simply isn’t fit for consumption like McDonald’s would have you believe. While the video takes a comical route, remember that no fast food is worth eating.

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  1. robyn says:

    WOW. ok so before i go any further..I grew up on the mcribs ..it was a special treat for my brothers and I. I loved it. But now I am 35 yrs old with kids. And trying to ban the fast food mindset from my kids. It is very hard. From birthdays to fundraisers for the schools…you bet it is all at McDonalds. Very hard to convince kids that "happy meals" are not that happy.

    Oddly enough..I recently lost my husband. So until I secure a full time job (I have 3 children) we are able to get food stamps/EBT. This is a total embarasment. But what I am finding is…the crap you can buy with EBT. No wonder there is an obese population. PAPA MURPHY'S pizza takes ebt. I have done my research,and where I live there are a few produce markets and meat butchers that take EBT. I plan to have a job soon..but don't you think if the government is issuing cards, that can buy ANYTHING in the grocery store…candy, energy drinks, cookies, sugary cereal, bakery goods, chocolate milk, potato chips…..you name it..there should be a limit? I am just putting this out there. Might be a good article.

  2. biggerbrain says:

    Work is now being done to develop meat made out of human shit.
    They literally want us to eat shit while they laff & point at us.

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