Fast Food Burgers Oozing With Parasites and Ammonia

The world of meat-eaters got a rude awakening earlier this year when it was found that meat passed off as beef in the U.K. was actually horse meat. But, if you thought meat in the U.S. was safe from secret ingredients, the bliss of your ignorance may soon be shattered. A recent analysis into several different fast food hamburgers found relatively little meat, and a whole host of other “stuff”.

According to GreenMedInfo, the study was to determine what exactly Americans are eating when they consume their 5 billion hamburgers annually. The burgers, from 8 different fast food establishments, were analyzed by weight and then microscopically for tissue types.

Their analysis found that water constituted about half of the weight of the burgers, with water content ranging from 37.7% to 62.4%, with an average of 49%. Meat, what you’d expect to make up the majority of the burgers, was found to be as low as 2.1% in some cases, to the maximum of 14.8% in others.

If you think that those providing the least meat did so to cut costs and deliver savings to you, you’d be wrong. The researchers found that the cost per gram of hamburger ranged from $0.02 to $0.16 and was not related to the meat content of the burger. In other words, the cost was likely related to what was on the burger, the packaging, the fast-food company’s greed, or the name on the greasy bag.

In addition to a whole lot of water and a little meat (muscle tissue), the burgers contained connective tissue, blood vessels, peripheral nerves, adipose tissue, plant materials, bone, and cartilage. In other words, the burgers were a slew of animal parts with only brain tissue missing.

In two of the studied hamburgers, intracellular (Sarcocystis) parasites were found. Also present, ammonia—used in sterilizing the meat and creating what is known as “pink slime.”

If you really thought your value menu burger contained mostly meat, you haven’t been paying attention. Though this is an interesting study to be sure, it isn’t the first of its kind and it won’t be the last. Fast food makers are interested in profit. Any seeming thought to your health is purely done to increase their bottom line. Your best bet: to avoid these messengers of death altogether.

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  1. dewayne says:


  2. CD Streusel says:

    Look at this in a positive light. If you are not drinking enough water, you could eat a hamburger.

  3. sao says:

    would be nice to know which ff places you are talking about.

    • guest2934 says:

      All fast food unless you know a charitable one that offers higher quality burgers at the same low price…

    • roscoe says:

      As a former meat processor I would start with Con_Agra and NBP (Nebraske Beef Packers) Swift & Co.

      • Carol says:

        I bet you have horror stories to tell your kids! I most likely would have flashbacks listening to the screams of animals!

    • Einstein says:

      I suspect they don't name them for legal purposes. The big FF corporations have big pockets for law suits which would destroy anybody who dared to expose them. Just as the criminal Monsanto mafia destroys small farmers through legal fees. The deck is stacked against us and the government is corrupt to the core.

  4. guest says:

    The last 30 years has been a continual downward spiral for middle and lower class people. It is on purpose, although one would wonder how it benefits the corporate commodities they want us to buy.
    So, as people cannot afford basic, decent food and shelter and clothing, the standards of those go down to meet our slim wallets.
    Thus the no-meat hamburgers and all the disease to follow.
    Besides, we are told the planet has too many people . . . is this a planned depopulation?
    Something to think about.

    • Carol says:

      Basic "decent" food? Are you kidding? Eating adipose tissue and nerves and blood vessels is decent food? Fast food and eating "meat" is so disgusting! Stop at the grocery and go home to cook!!! People are so lazy, that is why you see 200-400 lb people riding on scooters, or walking around with canes and walkers. If I didn't stop eating "meat" and fast food in 2003, I would of been as big as a whale by now. Elementary kids are twice as big as they should be. All because of the fast food.

    • Eli says:

      If you want to know more about "planned depopulation" look up Agenda 21. It's no myth. Common sense is really your best friend in times like these. Good ol' fashioned common sense. The elites have none of it because their love of riches has rotted their brains and their conscience.

  5. ExFlintPat says:

    To my knowledge, "In-N-Out Burger" (which is not publicly traded by the way) serves the freshest burgers around. Although I don't eat there it's nice to know.

    • monkeybutt says:

      don't you mean in-n-out boogers? finger in nose and out comes booger.

      • Maddy says:

        I just called our "In N Out Burger" here in Redding Ca. and was assured that they only use the front quarter arm chuck for their burgers. They have their own processing plants and don't get pre made burgers from any suppliers.

  6. I have One says:

    Do yourself a favor and stop eating from these mega corps. Find yourself a local mom n pop location that serves good food, and support them. These fast food joints only exist because we keep going to them, or should I say you keep going to them, I have avoided them for over a decade.

  7. Nick says:

    Which burger chains were included in the study? What were the individual results? These are the things we need to know!

  8. Meatdawg says:

    Yes, we know fast-food burgers are poisoned. Tell us something we don't know. This article is noteworthy for its LACK of information. A breakdown of the various fast-food burgers would have been nice, unless the author of the article is worried about a lawsuit!

  9. Happy Pills says:

    The first time I ate a "value menu" burger I had to sit on a toilet almost immediately. Then, slowly over the course of about one year the same thing started with their non-"value menu" burgers. None of the burger chains care what they're giving you to put in your bodies as long as they have your money first.

  10. Randy says:

    What! No brains? Ripped off again! We omnivores can’t win for losing.

  11. Andrew says:

    well, I have to laugh a little at these 'serious' reports – beef has always been, and is aways going to be approx 75% water, and ALL meat comes from muscle tissue, and will always contain connective tissues, blood vessels (how did the muscle stay alive in the first place), nerves, adipose tissue (fancy word for fat – otherwise known as marbling in steak, and 5-10% is normal on average). BIG NEWS… ALL beef has always contained EVERYTHING you state… it is perfectly natural and has been for thousands of years and not a "slew of animal parts". It REALLY annoys me when web pages report on things like they are the latest scientific fact and 'revealing' a secret conspiracy of the beef industry, leading to the internet as a breeding ground for ignorance and mis-information. So by all means, avoid that burger, but when you pick up that T-bone steak, you are eating everything above too, and may even slice of a fraction of bone with your knife – shock horror! If you are sitting there still wanting to suport this web site, why don't you read a scientific report on the actual contents of beef, long before it was killed.

    • Randall says:

      Yes, because scientific reports are all true aren't they? Is there ammonia and MSG in those steaks you referenced? Probably a growth hormone or two, but who's counting?

  12. Randall says:

    It's funny because people think they are eating healthy by going to Wal-Mart and buying "fresh" vegetables and "healthy foods". What they don't relaize is that those pesticides and GMO's in these "vegetables" render the nutrients that are probably already gone useless. The only way to go is to find a piece of land in the middle of nowhere, use seeds from a family garden that was started 10 years ago or more, if available, or non-hybrid seeds, and grow your own garden. This is so ridiculously simple, but people are so lazy and "busy" watching TV or playing video games, that they will NEVER make the time to do so. The downfall of humanity will not be these company's that are making the products, it's the people who will continue to buy it and eat it. All you have to do is not buy their products and they will wither away. Of course that will never happen.

  13. Dee says:

    From what I read, 14.8% was the most meat they found & water was the biggest filler along with who knows what else….lol……SO, the
    important thing to know here is: All the fast food joints are involved to one degree or another, None of which is Healthy for us. I'm not
    eating it. I worked for a large MEAT Company who was famous for chicken in the early days( Mike " " the boxer) you fill in his last name….but we used ALL fat, grissle, pieces & parts which were made into the "Pink Slime" and mixed in with the meat. I didn't know what it was back in 2005 when I tried to work there. I'm disabled but tried for 3 1/2 months to work. I physically couldn't do the work & I worked w/ pork but I got a chance to see the burger & where the trimmings off the steaks went. If you want safe red meat, you'd better have grass fed, non GMO grain fed and have it butchered yourself or don't eat it.

  14. Pete says:

    Soylent Green, It's people! It's Peeepolllllllllll! Ahhhhhhh

  15. Maddy says:

    I just called our "In N Out Burger" here in Redding Ca. and was assured that they only use the front quarter arm chuck for their burgers. They have their own processing plants and don't get pre made burgers from any suppliers…

  16. fuck the lies says:

    mmmmmm gotta love that vague information with no citation..doesn't say what places they tested therefore this whole video and article is bunk..ive heard and read this before..and im not sticking up for junky fast food places but jesus if you're going to write an article geared toward defamation and vegan propaganda at least make it believable ..i swear so much "information" now days is so bullshit and biased more toward twisted perceptions of situations and reality rather than spreading facts

    look at this shit…the exact same information word for word in some areas…fucking copy paste bullshit and people are gobbling it as fact

    un fucking real…starting to think there is a lot more beef in these terrible "2 percent burgers" than there are facts in this whole line of horse shit that is circulating the internet


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