Germanium: Single Compound Kills 5 Types of Cancer, Often in Single Dose

An incredible antioxidant, oxygen catalyst, electrostimulant, and overall immune-booster, Germanium is a health-boosting trace mineral found in many plants. It shows up in nature as marine algae, bracket fungus, garlic, shiitake mushrooms, ginseng, and aloe. This natural substance has been used for over two decades to help potentially treat cancer patients with lung, breast, pancreatic, and lymphoma, just to name a few, and rid the body of toxic substances.

Ge-132, otherwise known as Carboxyethyl Germanium Sesquioxide (CEGS), along with three compounds in Germanium known as Sanumgerman and Spirogermanium, have overwhelming substantiation for working at the cellular level to combat the development and growth of cancerous cells. There are references to prevention of spontaneous tumors, the dissolution of gastric cancerscolon cancers, and more.

Ge-132 inhibits metastatic growth of cancerous cells, and beneficial changes are often seen after a single oral dose. This natural mineral is also rapidly eliminated from the body after oral doses without any trace of toxicity. This means that, as opposed to many cancer drugs and treatments like radiation or chemo, this substance can be assimilated by the body with ease, and released from it without disrupting the overall health of ‘good’ cells. In brief – no side effects result from taking germanium.

As one piece of research puts it:

“…The literature demonstrating its anticancer effect is particularly strong: CEGS induces interferon-gamma (IFN-gamma), enhances natural killer cell activity, and inhibits tumor and metastatic growth–effects often detectable after a single oral dose. In addition, oral consumption of CEGS is readily assimilated and rapidly cleared from the body without evidence of toxicity. Given these findings, the absence of human clinical trials of CEGS is unexpected. Possible explanations of why the convincing findings from animal research have not been used to support clinical trials are discussed. Clinical trials on CEGS are recommended.”

You can watch the video above about germanium compounds to learn exactly how they eliminate cancerous cells.

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  1. Robert Park says:


  2. Frank says:

    Where do you get it?

  3. RealityCheck says:

    Nope. People. do your research. Germanium is potentially dangerous, deadly even.

    So he has a video with a tv in the background… okay. So he seems to cite his sources… okay… HALT! Writing the name of a website with a snippet of text is UNACCEPTABLE as a citation and contains NO EVIDENCE whatsoever. The names of researchers were not included, nor were the date of study, number of participants, statistical analysis, methodology, NOTHING.

    ALWAYS BEWARE of people who actually refer to themselves as “doctor.” The man in the video IS NOT a “doctor” as the layperson understands it. He’s a freaking chiropractor for crying out loud! His name is Lonnie Herman. He is a well-known scam artist. Feel free to look him up as well.

    • Cathy McMahan says:

      chiropractor’s and natural doctors were around way before AMA crooks came into play, and after they went and conned the people into taking poison instead of natural things. Some things are are natural minerals that are in the ground, and some are man made. Arsenic is one, a mineral that is in the dirt naturally, As for chiropractors, there is a page in the medical journals that states every nerve that controls all your organs come from the spine. But the AMA went out of their way to call them quacks even though they had been doing this already, now there poison antibiotics don’t work and guess what, we are having to go back to our roots from our grandparents and things they used for thousands of years. But hey they only kill 15000 people a month so I think we should believe them. And that is in there own journals…….

      • RealityCheck says:

        That is incorrect and a Straw Man fallacy.

        Chiropractic was founded in 1895 by a known fraudster and crank. The AMA was founded almost 50 years before chiropractic. Physicians have been around for thousands of years before the AMA and most physicians are not even members. Not by a longshot.

        I apologize for not being able to take you at your word regarding “the medical journals.” Can you please specify which issue of which journal? Are you aware of the vagus nerve and various other cranial nerves which do not originate at the spine? That would seem to negate your argument at the start, wouldn’t it?

        The AMA does not develop antibiotics. Antibiotics work great so far, with a few obvious problems as I’m sure you’re aware.

        The deaths caused by those in the healthcare industry certainly seems high, and it is indeed alarming. Ideally, we would all like that to be zero, wouldn’t we? The fact is, the human body is complex and all have some variance. Surgery and medicine is not like changing the oil on a car. When we face serious disease and certain death, we trust those who have dedicated and sacrificed so much to help heal us. Ask yourself if modern medicine is a net “good.” Would it be more likely that more people would die without modern medical intervention? The answer is an unequivocal YES! Medicine saves countless lives every day.

        • Cathy McMahan says:

          The AMA did not incorporate until 1897. And as far as Journals I read as many as I can get into. NEJM, JAMA, PUBMED and others. But I don need to explain that to you, The only thing medical is good at is trauma. And the AMA works hand in hand with the drug companies and you know it. Any one who finds something that works the FDA, and the whole bunch go after them. Which Pharmacy are you with? LOL “Are you aware of the vagus nerve and various other cranial nerves which do not originate at the spine? That would seem to negate your argument at the start, wouldn’t it?” AS A MATTER OF I’AM, WHEN THEY LIED AND TOLD ME I NEEDED NECK SURGERY, I HAD A QUICK LESSEN TRYING TO UNRAVEL THE DAMAGE, AND THEN 3 DOCTORS SAID I SHOULD HAVE NEVER HAD SURGERY. SO YES I HAPPEN TO KNOW A LOT ABOUT NERVES IN MY NECK THE HARD WAY…. BUT THANKS FOR ASKING. AND DON’T REPLY

          • RealityCheck says:

            Oopsie, I replied.

            So, you paid at least $185 for a subscription to JAMA? Why do I doubt that?

            I’m not sure what you mean by “medical” but how about treating diabetes? How about anything where antibiotics are needed? Coronary bypass? Do I need to list thousands of maladies? I think not.

            I do not know that the AMA works “hand in hand” with pharmaceutical companies. Can you cite your reputable sources for that claim?

            Trying to weed through your incoherent babble… So if you’re aware of the cranial nerves, then why did you make the claim that all nerves come from the spine?

            I’m sorry for your unfortunate outcome regarding surgery. However, you no doubt signed paperwork and had a discussion involving the potential adverse effects of receiving such a treatment. You, as a grown adult, made the decision to freely accept such a treatment, knowing the risks.

          • Cathy McMahan says:

            all cranial nerves go through C1, And C1 is your spine. dah what a dunbass.

  4. People need to keep an open mind and do more in-depth research.

    More people are becoming more aware.

    Progress is slow but positive as truth is revealed.

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