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Hawaiian Paradise has Become Ground Zero for GMO Biotech Warfare

Perhaps the Hawaiian Islands bring to mind a trade-wind kissed beach and beautiful local music, enjoyed with a Mai Tai in hand and a golden tan to go with it. To companies like Monsanto, Syngenta, and others, however, the Island chain has become dumping grounds for their chemical GMO warfare on our food supply.

You might ask yourself how this could ever happen – after all – Hawaii is full of environmentalists, and those who are vigilant about protecting their land and oceans. Well, starting in the mid 1990″s, the sugar cane industry collapsed, and much of the land on the island of Kauai was left vacant or become the property of the State or private landholders. Guess who leases out the land? None other than biotech’s Big Six: Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, BASF, Pioneer, and Bayer.

Maggie from the HuffingtonPost writes:

“A little over a month ago I was shocked to learn from a friend that Kauai and the rest of the Hawaiian Islands have become Ground Zero for open air testing of experimental pesticides and GMOs. After hearing this information I made my first visit to Kauai and researched what was happening on the island, and learned about the grassroots movement fighting back to stop the chemical trespass and assault on the environment.”

For over twenty years now they have been experimenting on crops by utilizing all sorts of herbicides and pesticides, without doing due diligence on their long term effects on human health or the nearly pristine environment that they degrade.

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Breaking: List of Top Companies Fighting GMO Labeling in Washington

Kauai residents are not taking the poisoning of their ‘aina’ the Hawaiian word for land, lying down. They recently rallied in the streets to push Bills 2491, the “Right to Know” bill and Bill “113’ which would ban open-air growing of experimental GMO crops – since they are known to cross-pollinate and contaminate organic crops nearby.

GMO Free Hawaii Islands based on the Big Island of Hawaii, tells the world:

“E kulike kakou ma ke ka’awale o ka GMO,” or loosely translated “Hawaii joins together against GMO.” The organization promotes individual and grassroots refusal of GMO. “Any willing Big Island farmer, gardener, homeowner or business person can decide their personal intention to reject the current genetic food paradigm and post a “GMO-FREE ZONE” sign in public so that our combined message is clear.”

When joined with the messages of others throughout the world it is clear that these islands don’t want genetically modified organisms in their food supply. It seems pointedly plain that we shouldn’t poison paradise.

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  1. suss says:

    how the heck did the people let it get this far? are there so few good men left to stand up to this evil? well it kind of looks like that, just like the American indian they just take what ever is dished out to them w/ out a fight! It seems like all good people of the world are basically cowards, too bad makes it very easy for the villains of the world to get away w/ all their crimes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Ann says:

      Everyone needs to take action in FORCING the government put an end to the destruction of Nature and the Destruction of our Health.
      DO NOT BUY GMO’S, or anything laced with chemicals.
      BUY “ORGANIC” ONLY. I know Organic is more expensive, so eat less, but eat “Healthy”. It will pay off with BETTER HEALTH – LESS Health Issues and eventually NO Health Issues. Hit Monsanto and these other Demonic Organizations in the pocket book!

    • Maria says:

      Do you think that you are not one of the “they” you speak of? This is not just a problem in Hawaii. Monsanto is growing in it’s power every day and has been for years. I am just becoming aware of it’s practices now, here in United States and in other parts of the world. Blaming is not helpful. We need to get involved, spread the word, write to our representatives. Boycott the companies that are fighting GMO labeling. Buycott is a great app to identify companies that are putting their money into fighting labeling, sometimes hard to identify since the money is funnelled through the Grocery Manufacturers Association. We need to wake up and see what is happening. We need to stop it for the sake of our future generations.

  2. jay says:

    Kauai council passes bill limiting gmo companies, and a label act. Mayor veto s- cites legal flaws – says will work with gmo lobby, who spend millions – no – i mean council

  3. Shaun says:

    Quote “Perhaps the Hawaiian Islands bring to mind a trade-wind kissed beach and
    beautiful local music, enjoyed with a Mai Tai in hand and a golden tan
    to go with it. ”

    Brings to mind how they cooked and eat Captain Cook …I live in Marton (in Middlesbrough, England) birthplace of Captain Cook, so bugger that I’m never going to Hawaii to be the ‘soup of the day’.

    • Sigh Westberry says:

      First of all Captain Cook was working for the British Navy so he was obviously seen as an invader. Secondly, Captain Cook was not eaten in Hawaii. That story is just a myth. Yes, there were cannibals in many of the lands that Cook visited but not in Hawaii.

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