Mother Threatened for Feeding Baby Goat’s Milk Instead of GMO-Soy Formula

Alorah Gellerson, a bold young mother in Maine, wasn’t able to breastfeed her child, but she decided that the next best thing was to refuse to give her baby GMO-soy formula, and to feed her goat’s milk that included celery juice, instead. Though her child was said to ‘love it and grow like a weed’ the Department of Health and Human Services is threatening to take her child and put the infant in foster care.

After Gellerson told her personal doctor about her decision not to feed her infant GMO-soy formula, that pediatrician turned her into the DHHS. What ensued is simply Orwellian. She had to stay overnight in the hospital, was told what ‘approved’ commercial formula she could feed her baby (mostly containing GMO soy, and are probably DHA/ARA-enhanced), and was threatened that if she did not follow the strong advice of the DHHS that she could face losing her child to a foster family.

Another family doctor was interviewed in Maine, and he said that the practice of feeding infants goat’s milk was quite prevalent and that he didn’t see any problem with it because those children, whom he often sees in his practice, were developing just fine. When the local media in Maine tried to interview DHHS to help the public understand their decision, reporters were refused and instead sent to government websites, which stated that goat’s milk was not good for infants. Similar ‘warnings’ have recently been issued in the UK as well.

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Hopefully Gellerson has told everyone she knows about the pediatrician who turned her into DHHS and other mothers in the area who have fed their infants on goat’s milk instead of GMO soy formula can rush to her aid. If nothing else they can offer moral support of her brave decision, and to document their success should Gellerson decide to continue to eschew GMO poisoned baby formula.