Mother Threatened for Feeding Baby Goat’s Milk Instead of GMO-Soy Formula

Alorah Gellerson, a bold young mother in Maine, wasn’t able to breastfeed her child, but she decided that the next best thing was to refuse to give her baby GMO-soy formula, and to feed her goat’s milk that included celery juice, instead. Though her child was said to ‘love it and grow like a weed’ the Department of Health and Human Services is threatening to take her child and put the infant in foster care.

After Gellerson told her personal doctor about her decision not to feed her infant GMO-soy formula, that pediatrician turned her into the DHHS. What ensued is simply Orwellian. She had to stay overnight in the hospital, was told what ‘approved’ commercial formula she could feed her baby (mostly containing GMO soy, and are probably DHA/ARA-enhanced), and was threatened that if she did not follow the strong advice of the DHHS that she could face losing her child to a foster family.

Another family doctor was interviewed in Maine, and he said that the practice of feeding infants goat’s milk was quite prevalent and that he didn’t see any problem with it because those children, whom he often sees in his practice, were developing just fine. When the local media in Maine tried to interview DHHS to help the public understand their decision, reporters were refused and instead sent to government websites, which stated that goat’s milk was not good for infants. Similar ‘warnings’ have recently been issued in the UK as well.

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Hopefully Gellerson has told everyone she knows about the pediatrician who turned her into DHHS and other mothers in the area who have fed their infants on goat’s milk instead of GMO soy formula can rush to her aid. If nothing else they can offer moral support of her brave decision, and to document their success should Gellerson decide to continue to eschew GMO poisoned baby formula.

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  1. tsarpov says:

    People better let the government know that they have NO jurisdiction over their children. If you do not you will become a slave to the government in every area of life

  2. Chris says:

    First off, the Dr needs to loose his license for turning her in. It is not up to him to be the 'police' in this matter. If the child is healthy and forming normally, then it should be up to the mother. This is once again how big government wants to come in and tell you what you can and can not do; can we say 'over stepping' their role?! Second, how can one Dr say it is not ok and another Dr say it is – but Child Protective services are still brought in? Don't they have better things to do???? Personally, I would not go back to that Traitor Dr anymore and find a new one that will agree and assist you in making the best informed decisions. As for Child Protective services… They need to be disbanded! I do not agree with how dictatorial they have become – they are like the new bully on the block – and it is 'our way or the highway' attitude.

  3. J. Ingle says:

    This is so offensive that I find it hard to believe. How can this be? Government has no jurisdiction what so ever. The doctor needs to be written up or something.

    • matchuu says:

      he is doing his job, he has been trained and instructed to be a snitch, know nothing about real health and to produce return customers for the hospitals.

      • sonicdrama says:

        And why would he care.????………….THINK ABOUT IT…………..RETARD

        • monique says:

          way to go, sonicdrama, implying all drs want to make their patients unhealthy in order to make more bucks…. your use of ad hominem also indicates that your mind is not strong enough to play the ball instead of the player (indicative of an unsportyive nature when you can't argue your points instead of attacking people….)

          way to gain respect for what you have to say….. NOT

          • sonicdrama says:

            WOW……..dumbass sheeple people………….ALL doctors only care about their school loan payments………their office payments and a lot of them…….their alimony payments. WHERE THE HELL DO YOU LIVE?………..In Obama Land?………..Our medical system is NOT BASED ON WELLNESS DUMBASS……….Doctors of this age ONLY MAKE MONEY WHEN YOU ARE SICK…….THINK ABOUT IT RETARD and check yourself before you wreck yourself…………IF medicine was based on wellness……….Medical Marijuana would NOT be an issue………DUH…………..oh and how about fuck off and die? and ……THEY SAY the truly brilliant use cuss words…cuz we can……………….FUCK YOU…………(and my son calls me SATAN FOR A REASON……….should we meet? I WILL TAKE YOUR DUMBASS OUT……….Tell me when and where)

        • cpmt says:


      • cle says:

        NO HE IS NOT DOING HIS JOB. He is required to report abuse. Was this infant starving? Were there bruises from mom forcing the goats milk down? Did he see evidence of neglect, medical or otherwise? Did he do any tests to see if this baby was failing to thrive or malnourished? This is more than just being a govt snitch. This is a doctor with a god complex who will do anything to have his way, including take a thriving infant from its loving and careful mother. He needs to be "practicing" on someone else, somewhere else. By the way, as a twelve year old I was diagnosed with IBS. Diet I was put on allowed only skim milk which, besides tasting disgusting, still gave me cramps and diarrhea. Thank God my uncle had goats!

        • cpmt says:

          exactly. goat milk is a lot better than caw's… to strong for the human body – most of us- goats in the other hand has been use since biblical times all over Europe the middle East Africa etc…. (In India cows milk most of the time is used fermenteded -yogurt- which is more digestible). You are right, thank God, for the goats.

  4. darryl says:

    Can this Doctors name a Licence number be published so informed "CUSTOMERS" can boycott his office and be aware that this doctor will not be partial to the hypocratic oath?

  5. lisa says:

    My son was allergic to all formulas, including the "hypoallergenic" one. My father, a Pediatrician recommended using canned goat's milk and adding in the vitamin drops he prescribed. My son's facial rashes subsided immediately, his fussiness subsided, and he was a happy, content baby. He is now 15 years old, tall, honor roll student, and has a wonderful temperament. Which child is better off? A child that doesn't develop properly because they are miserable on the formula or one that is happy on goat's milk?

  6. memphisangel1948 says:


  7. Mariel says:

    I can't believe the ignorance of this doctor, who obviously doesn't know a damn thing. I was born allergic to cow's milk, and my mother could not breast feed, so I was raised on goat's milk. If it weren't so expensive, I would still be drinking it. Not so far back, children were not getting an important brain food called DHA in formulas. No telling how many kids were harmed before it was finally determined that DHA is critical. You need DHA (or docosahexaenoic acid) throughout your life to keep your brain functioning at its best. But DHA is especially important for the hungry baby brain. It powers the development of vision, attention, memory, and cognitive functioning. It’s in every cell wall, it’s in every neuron. I suggest this mother do her due diligence and research goat's milk versus formulas. I know it's out there. I learned a long time ago that doctors are not demi gods. Some of them are quite ignorant, especially about nutrition!

    • cpmt says:

      about nutrition and about other cultures and other foods and other traditions with good nutritional end. Before we didn't know DHA and guess what, most children were ok BECAUSE WE WERE EATING GOOD NATURAL FOODS, NOT CHEMICALS and GMO's BPA'S and pesticides and herbicides etc etc… We, now what to be super humans … and is too much… later we will see the results. Of course before there were, in some places, lack of some important nutrients … that today we supply on those places, but as a norma, most places have good supply of super foods with out trying to be super humans. … too much meat, too much food, too much carbs and sugars etc etc…

  8. Crowfoot says:

    My brother could not drink cows milk or formula and he had to be given goat's milk. He is healthy as can be. This action, both by the doctor and the DHHS should be criminal. Where are OUR rights? Disgusting. That doctor should be run out of town.

  9. Christine says:

    Soy is no longer considered a plant…its classisfied as a pesticide. Secondly, not only are the majority of baby formulas on the shelf GMO's–they're also in containers that contain BPA. Get a lawyer to educate the physician, and the DHHAS….the goat milk can be supplemented with Omega-3 and DHA…

    • cpmt says:

      that is exactly what she was trying to do… supplement the milk with omega 3 and DHA … and the ignorant incompetent tried to make the mother give her baby garbage -soy??? PLEASE!!! as you said most SOY IS GMO, most SOY IS GARBAGE.

  10. Sean says:

    So a mother gets the "right to choose" to abort a baby, but not feed it milk? This is so strange…

  11. Dianne says:

    Here goes our distorted government….when my daughter was born at seven months, tiny little girl, none of the formula's that our doctor put her on stayed on her stomach, it got to the point that she was actually starving, but the doctor kept saying she would be fine. One of my grandmother's gave me a recipe for an old fashion baby formula. I tried it and my daughter did great, it stayed down and she was gaining weight like crazy. Our doctor was sure that her system was finally accepting one of the formula's. I never told her about the homemade formula. So, I learned a very good lesson through that experience and sometimes a mother has to do what she knows is best for her child.

  12. mary says:

    Is this true? who has a right to do this? can this doc be brought up on charges?

  13. sonicdrama says:

    Just submitted this to the Maine main newspaper………..this is SO STUPID……..: YOU have to do something………WTF???………..are you kidding me? My son 26 years old, Jon and I just had a talk about him being LACTOSE INTOLLERANT………..omg…………this is INSANE. Goat milk……closer to human hormones, add liquid baby vitamins, and MOLASSES……..who knew it was all the trace minerals they need, 72 of them………it was to make it a bit sweet and stop constipation (I unknowingly made THE BEST BABY FORMULA ON THE PLANET). SIMILAC…….they call it that because it LACKS EVERYTHING……….9 nutrients??…something like that……….at least lab rats get 32……..I breast fed for a YEAR……because I did not know what to do. EVERY TIME……EVERY SINGLE TIME…I even had a bite of ice cream or a drink of COW MILK………Jon got colic…..MY DOC, was a GIANT JERK, too. BET he would have turned me in if he could have………….THEY CALL IT PRACTICING MEDICINE FOR A REASON……….THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING AND THEY DO NOT CARE……………let them PRACTICE on someone ELSE……..BASTARDS………

    My mom helped me with a story about a nurse who had a kid with autism……..BEFORE the internet. She took that kid off of the 5 biggest known allergans. He got better…………then had a sub give him MILK and he instantly reverted to his aberrant behavior.

    I BOUGHT GOATS……….they had dairy grade feed, the field……..the hay…..the grain……FRUIT……..and you could take a bath in their water trough…………

    after several friends went through HELL with HIM and TUBES IN BABIES EARS from infections…….and I helped them when he did not…he sarcastically called me "super mom"……..I picked my son up and I SCREAMED HIS HEAD OFF…….where everyone could hear…… he never did THAT again…….I can't believe THIS…..fucktards…….

    THIS is the best story in all of this. My best friend's daughter was 6 months younger than my son. They had issues from the beginning and I kept trying to tell her LET ME GIVE YOU SOME GOAT MILK

    BUT OH NO………had her head rammed up the docs rear end…………(cuz they know so much………..yeah right)

    Samantha (the baby)……….had so many issues including the ear tubes………….she is about 1.5 years old and Debbie has done everything the retard…..oh sorry…….the doctor said to do……..too many different formulas to count…………..when she calls me in the middle of the night CRYING and says

    "Samantha has not eaten in 2 days nor slept and all she is doing is screaming…………do you really think the goat milk will work and can I come get some tomorrow?"

    I said…………"IF she is doing that…….then Bob (her husband) is not sleeping (and he was a timber faller)……….put Bob in the pickup and send him over………I'll have a gallon ready"………..Bob shows up and says, "PLEASE TELL ME THIS WILL WORK"………I said it will

    Next day I call her………..They filled a big bottle……….and at first she would not taste it………they kept flicking it on her tongue and she finally grabbed on………..SUCKED THE BOTTLE FLAT…………..SUCKED A SECOND BOTTLE FLAT…..the BIG BOTTLE……..and slept for 16 HOURS after that…….


    • Leesa Lewis says:

      good for you..I have been supplying a local hospital raw milk illegally for decades…, even the doctors realize the goodness of goats milk, but I am not a commercial dairy and that is a problem, we just do not tell anyone other than the mum..grin

      • sonicdrama says:

        LOVE IT……….I even went so far as to have my goat milk tested…….like for any diseases and such……….LOVE to see a goat eat apricots…they num num num and SPIT the seed………….Doctors………..who needs them unless you have a broken bone…….then I might use one………YOU made my day……….During the year I breast fed……..I supplied my milk for the hospital……why is THAT OK……..and not goat milk? Makes no sense what so ever………..Thank you for your reply………made my day

    • cpmt says:

      Some doctors -many – have the mentality of a tunnel… only see what they want to see. CERRICOLAS!, DUNKYS so blind and so.. short of brain. When my daughter was a baby, the pediatrician have her have 6 blood test because he though she was anemic… since I am Spaniard (FROM SPAIN, and NOT LATINOAMERICAN) he thought she, my daughter,, suppost to have american indian skin. I had to explain to him. What will you think if I started talking to you about Kenya, or India?? he looked at me funny, well, I said… they also speak English, but as you know they are different countries in different continents… and you will never mix them up… well, Latino America have many countries and different people and all of them speak Spanish, still are not the same… and of course Spain is in Europe, and believe or not we have white people there. He didn't say anything, never did another blood test. My daughter have the same color of my skin, which is whiter than my husband's and he is German. I had during many years people (including doctors) saying soooo stupid things… than if they didn't tell me personally, I would never believe it.

  14. george says:

    Moral of the story: LIE to Big Brother.

  15. ianvseymour says:

    Absolute bull, I was totally intolerant to Formula as a child, I've never really taken to Cow's milk and my Mother was unable to breastfeed, and now I'm 35 years old and 6ft 1in tall weighing 83kgs, yes Goats milk is "Damaging", *Cough* Monsanto.

  16. Lainee says:

    I guess for now we must learn to answer "oh yes" when asked if we are doing what is expected of us…but continue doing what we believe is right.

  17. R Cannon says:

    (207) 287-3707 Maine DHHS phone no. Maybe a few thousand polite calls about how well goat milk works and how insane they are to butt into people's lives like that? And try to get the doctor's name, or start randomly calling doctors offices in Maine and "Survey" them as to their opinion of goat milk for babies. Let them know we are not fools and will not stand for their insane actions.

  18. Leesa says:

    I am a goat breeder, my local hospital asks me to supply raw goats milk for newborns all the time as they are allergic to cows milk and do not do well with the other soy rubbish… sheesh.. that doctors needs to learn that goats milk is the closest milk to human milk….

  19. cpmt says:

    lie to stupid, poor lack of common sense doctors and anyone else involved n stupid rules.

  20. Heather says:

    This is horrible really but to get the states attention must do a ballot contact cps big shot and hopefully he/she will listen, they feed all us we the ppl poisons foods i live in Washington state and just trying to find anything organic is insane. My heart goes out to this young couple and their child cps took my daughters children for no reason she did everything they wanted her too and still was not good enough cps tried to say she did not complete any of her classes ect my daughter pulled out all her certificates constant uas not one was dirty except from PRESCRIBED medication and she was on Vicodin due to a c-section, they would not let my husband and I have them due to I had previous cps reports up against me in the past all UNFOUNDED and i quote what i said to them (cps) If I was such a horrible person as a mother then why did you leave my children in my care, I as a mother grandmother would want the best for my children and you ppl did not do your job if that be the case but yet you sit here and tell me this you all can go to hell! Word of advice to all young mothers fathers new grandparents the state wants our children those that don't do drugs or drink alcohol that was told to us by my daughters guardian atlitem that works for the state and reason being children that are born to parents either addicted to drugs or alcohol they are harder to adopt them out to open adoption or just plan adoption, and no my daughter was forced to put her daughter and son up for open adoption and the adoptive parents still have yet to let her see her children

    • Kievjoy says:

      I had American friends come over here to Ukraine. The wife took some non-GMO seens back with her to America and they were confiscated at customs in America. That is how determined the American government is that you will be force fed the GMO poison.

  21. anita says:

    I sure would not let a doctor know anything about my children! i kept my kids away from doctors and they grew up to be healthy and happy adults! they drank raw milk and ate good garden food!

  22. kaycera says:

    People around the world raise their children on GOAT'S MILK……….. this is sooooooooooo nuts that I cannot believe what I am reading. This is yet another example of the ORWELLIAN madness being forced upon us. People must be aware of what is going on around them all the time. Our children ARE OUR CHILDREN……….. they want to make sure that "them" raise them…………………..

  23. JennieWalsh says:

    I have heard that goat's milk is the closest to human milk. It is too bad that the medical profession is so IGNORANT and that the government is so EVIL.

  24. JennieWalsh says:

    For some very wonderful fresh FREEDOM AIR, SEE 3 links;

  25. Marci says:

    Who is this so called "doctor?" He is an EVIL scum bag. Who is he? What is is name? Where does he "practice?" He needs to have his license taken away before he does more harm!

  26. FormerTeacher says:

    I too, think it's a travesty that this mother is being threatened with removal of her child. But let's not be too quick to lynch the doctor. MANY professions, including teachers, doctors and others are obligated to notify Social Services, the local Sheriff, or any number of government entities when they encounter a specified list of "situations" in those they deal with. Failure to comply places the doctor in danger of losing his or her license.

    • WouldFeedGoatsMilk2 says:

      The doctor should lose his license. Feeding goat's milk isn't a "situation" that should be considered abuse. How many of their patients are being fed GMO-laden formula or drinks with brominated vegetable oil in them? Doctors should know better!

  27. Arizona says:

    THIS COUNTRY CAN"T be saved,everything is ran by IDIOTS,and americans PRIDE them selves on who kisses ass the best,WE'RE GOOD LAW A BIDING CITIZENS,and when you see your child dead,the people who are responsible,pay a little fine and walk away laughing,THE DOCTOR who killed MY DAD,HES STILL IN A NURSING HOME,they have to feed him with a spoon,cause he don't know where hes at,hahaha,thats ONE PIECE of crap who won't do what ever he wants again……HEY' LET ME TELL YOU HOW IT IS,these government employees,would rather be dead,THEN DO THE RIGHT THING,and the days coming when you'll figure it out,.I just hope its before, they KILL ONE OF YOUR CHILDREN…………………..

  28. Corn Syrup Rocks says:

    We had a "neighbor" show up on our farm with his 9 month old baby. He had walked several miles because he and his wife had a fight and she left them with no car. He was stuck and the only thing he had given the baby to eat or drink all day was a baby bottle half full of Mountain Dew Soda. We gave him diapers, a baby blanket, and a weekend's worth of goats milk for the baby which the baby started drinking immediately and gave them a ride. We should probably have been arrested. What were we thinking.

  29. WouldFeedGoatsMilk2 says:

    We need to know the name of the doctor so that others who choose to feed goat's milk over GMO formula can avoid this man. Just another reason to never tell more than you need to in case your doctor cares more about government than your health.

  30. GetDonatedBreastMilk says:

    If you can't breastfeed, please always look into using donor milk from a local breast milk bank or a local mother who donates her milk. Yes, goat's milk is good, but breast milk is best. Also, always get a second opinion about breastfeeding because even some Lactation Consultants are bad like this doctor, and have women supplement instead of pump, which lowers their milk supply.

    • Lori Melson says:

      That is nasty I wouldn’t want my baby drinking someone else’s breast milk you don’t know these people that is disgusting

  31. Lisa Ann Daly says:

    My friend fed my godson (now 5) goats milk after having difficulties producing milk

  32. Lisa Ann Daly says:

    why is it wrong to use goats milk and not cows milk???

  33. Lori Melson says:

    Never tell the dr what you feel only tell them what they want to hear

  34. Hereunder the nutrient profile for Goat Milk which in your country would vertainly be more health giving than cows milk:

    Goat’s Milk Contains these Substances note

    (mg of substance per 100 grams of Goat’s Milk)

    Amino Acids: 3,560
    Carbohydrates: 4,450 Simple Sugars: 4,450
    Lipids (Fats): 4,140 Saturated: 2,667 Caproic Acid
    Monounsaturated: 1,109
    Polyunsaturated: 149
    Cholesterol 11
    Minerals: Calcium 134 Cobalt 2 mcg
    Phosphorus 111 Iron 0.05
    Sodium 50 Potassium 204
    Magnesium 14 Zinc 0.3
    Proteins 3,560
    Vitamins: Vitamin A .04 Vitamin B1 0.048
    Vitamin B2 0.138 Vitamin B3 0.277
    Vitamin C 1.3 Vitamin B6 0.046
    Folic Acid 1 mcg Vitamin B12 0.07 mcg
    Vitamin A 198 IU Vitamin E 0.07
    Vitamin K 0.3 mcg
    Water: 87,030

    In-Tele-Health © 2013 (from Hyperhealth Pro CD-ROM)

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