Neurosurgeon Explains How You can Detox Chemtrail Poisons

Have you looked up into the chemtrail skies lately? These aerial sprayings are slowly making people sick with their puffy white chemical soup. Neurosurgeon, Dr. Russell Blaylock recently talked openly about chemtrails and what they are doing to our health, but also how to detox them on this video.

Whether the pilots on huge C130’s know what they are doing, or are practicing the see-no-evil, hear-no-evil tactics encouraged by our US military (commanded by a corrupt government) they are dumping all kinds of chemicals on us at an alarmingly increasing rate. (There are plenty of amazing service-people who have even been whistle-blowers on chemtrails) .

It doesn’t matter if you believe chemtrails are a ‘conspiracy theory,’ though even though the US government coined the term ‘chemtrails’ before any blogger ever did; people will still get sick from their existence. Dr. Blaylock warns we will see an increase in numerous diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia, cancer, and upper-respiratory diseases just to name a few. But here is the good news – according to this particular neurosurgeon, you can help your body detox from some of the numerous chemicals in chemtrails (thorium, barium, mercury, aluminum oxide, and strontium).

Here is the list of things you can do to reduce the inflammatory response that is caused by some of these chemicals:

  • Tocopherols in Vitamin E will help reduce inflammation in your brain and body, thus reducing the toxic effect of chemtrails. Almond milk is a great source of naturally occurring Vitamin E, as is
  • Vitamin C, when added to Vitamin E, is a powerful protector of the brain, according to Dr. Blaylock.
  • Curcumin binds with aluminum and helps to reduce its toxic effects, and supports its elimination from the body.
  • Saffron is another great way to support brain health and detox these chemicals. It is also full of cancer-fighting carotenoids. In some studies, saffron has also shown to promote learning, memory and recall due to a compound in the plant called ‘crocin’.
  • Flax seed has been shown to help reduce radiation poisoning and boost brain power as well.
  • Cinnamon is full of antioxidants and can also reduce the inflammatory response in the body.

For further suggestions, you can watch the video, and start detoxing from chemtrails and their noxious poisons today.

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  1. DebbyBruck says:

    Although wonderful to have available natural health foods, spices, herbs, etc to detox from environmental chemicals, I prefer to find a way to prevent the toxification of the environment. The entire food chain, all trees, plants, animals, insects, and life itself cannot be taking daily doses of detox foods. Let’s clean up the environment and get the governments to understand the people want to be heard. ♥

    • celphelp says:

      Is it that simple?

      • realitytherapywest says:

        No it is not, we have to clean ourselves first than we will have the strength for the fight necessary to curtail the killing of life on our planet.

    • Dutch says:

      And how do you go about getting” THIS GOVERNMENT” to understand this–what is it again? The
      people want to be heard !! You can not possibly believe that this sewage scum cares one iota of
      what we the people want. It will take more than talk to convince these Marxist,commie frauds to
      pay attention to where we cometh from !!

    • Aaron Matteson says:

      People will need strongholds, militias, vaults and knowhow and a plan.. we invited the nazis to Amerika to do their evils.. along with the rothchilds and other zionists and jesuits. This is much much bigger than you could imagine. Black budgets, exo-politics.

      • Hella Bion says:

        When you say Nazis I hope you know they are the Jewish Khazarian Mafia, the Rothschilds belong to. As for the Jesuits, they have been infiltrated by this mafia as have every other religion. People dont see it because they control the heads of all churches to indoctrinate ppl so they dont fight back. They created a clever Holohoax to gain the pitty of the gullible ones and this is how they were able to infiltrate all countries for the world take over they had planned with their puppet, Hilter.

    • Nancy says:

      Yes! Let us just tell the government to stop! Niave, at best. I have been an RN for twenty years, and I am telling you. They want us sick! If it were just chemtrails, it would be one thing, but our bodies are being polluted constantly. From chemtrails/ geo-engineering, foods, water, pharmaceuticals, etc…we are all pawns in this corporate fascist game. Humans are now a resource to be farmed for corporate profit. I hate to be harsh, but that is the reality of the current situation. Sad, but true. Suck it up, Buttercup and come up with real solustions. AwakeNancy RN

      • reluctant monk says:

        Right on Nancy! The world has become a huge toilet bowl with the controllers’ hands on the flush lever. It all happened when humans appeared on this planet & have become a virus. The earth takes care of such infections & the remedy is extinction as a natural process. The ego believes differently of course, which is the cause of the disease.Personal remedy is to psychologically ‘detox’ ourselves but the ego prevents this.That is our collective history. As you say,”sad but true”. The remedy is inside not outside as explained by the few ‘wise one’s’ who have existed. The ego prefers opinions,beliefs, without direct experience through personal ‘detox’ or cultivation of the ‘spiritual’ self. Not religious by joining clubs of “us against them” mentality. Again,it’s the ego.

    • Matt says:

      DEBBYBRUCK Do you have any remote idea who the Elite of this world are? Whom the true GLOBAL leaders are?

      If you don’t, you’re a little confused about how easy “cleaning up this world” is going to be.


      The Governments know people want to be heard, but they don’t care.

      They wont care until our numbers exceed the amount of BULLETS their armies have. Or by sheer numbers alone they will stand down…if the entire populous of a country went to their Government and demanded action. They’d be forced to do it….If they refused there would be enough of us to storm the building and arrest each and every one of them for corruption and negligence.

      Either way we win, but the ONLY way ANY of this stops…is if 100% of the common people stand up as one.

      That is by far your hardest task. These lobotomizing chemicals/heavy metals cause subservience without question. “Apathy” is by far, the leading mental illness in this world.

      Have you tried “Waking” anyone up yet with the hardcore truths of this World? They don’t give a fuck.

      Good luck!

      I’m not saying it wont happen, but the way the elites have brainwashed everyone for millennia, it’s going to take a global catastrophe or even something as remote as Aliens coming here just to tell us the truth about everything. to change this “shit” we are in.

      To change this…try pursuade everyone that the cause of ALL problems is ultimately MONEY.

      We don’t need it. We have enough to go around, there is enough of everything “needed” for every single soul on Earth to have the same as everyone else. There’s no need for Money, Greed or otherwise.

      If you want to change the world…Convince everyone we no longer need Governments…

      When was the last time they fixed a problem that “THEY” didn’t create.

      Never! They are businessmen and lawyers…They are not trained to “Fix” anything.

      It’s time we abolish Government and Politician industry. It’s archaic, nonsensical and only aids the Elite, the Banks and the Corporations…The Police are there solely for the Banks and Corporations.

      Banks and corporations own the Governments and in turn own the Police that guard their interests.

      Tell you a story, happened to me in 2001 when I was 20…Lived next door to an ice cream van warehouse, for a company that drove icecream around the neighbourhoods for the kids…They were being broken into one night, so I called the Police, within 7 minutes of that call….
      8 cop cars including 2 vans turned up to the scene…the burglars ran before they could catch them…however one of them saw me watching from my window in the attic (attic was converted to a bedroom).

      They cam back 30 minutes later after the cops had gone and started breaking into my House…

      they kicked the door in for about 5 minutes but it’s a metal lined fire door, they aint moving that shit…So I called the Police (as soon as it was happening, the woman on the phone could hear the insane door kicking).

      An hour later they finally arrived in 1 small cop car, a small hatchback car. And couldn’t give a fuck…why were we wasting their time blah blah blah…theres no one here to arrest, blah blah blah…And then after making me feel like an utter twat. they left, without so much as a “I hope you’re okay after your ordeal”.

      Now tell me…

      Are they working for our protection…or the Banks, Corporations and Business in general? “The money”?

      The world problems end when we round up every single Elite and those that follow their interests and lock them up, throw away all the keys….(being nice)…

      • Jeff Fish says:

        Matt, I got news for you. I your like attitude and willingness to fight. The fact remains though that the true rulers of this planet have mechanisms in place to thwart even a total revolution of every person on the planet at once. The spectrum of “black” weapons they have are mind bending and would take a team of quantum physics engineers to even understand. They could tweak the atmosphere with a burst of EMF’s that would drop every one of us. That’s just one and they have many more.

        • Robert says:

          Wow !!!, Wonderful post Matt…. like so many I’ve been this case for years… but, Sadly I’ve come to the conclusion that You neither Help Sickness ‘nor Educate Pork…. Perhaps This Might Just Implode On Itself…..

    • agro-homeopathy may help heal our backyards and farm plots
      and OF COURSE .. homeopathy is one of the world’s most powerful forms of medicine .. predating nasty $pHARMa chemical crap ..

    • Drew P says:

      It’s going to be tough to “get the governments to understand the people” when they’re the ones poisoning the skies and authorizing dangerous chemicals like RoundUp to be added to our genetically modified food.

  2. marlio says:

    This was an invasion of this persons liberty, not necessary, and this officer needs to be FIRED!!!

  3. Guest says:

    Bentonite clay gets rid of heavy metals and toxins in the body. Google it.

  4. Bryony says:

    So basically, eat properly

    • Skinnycat says:

      Well, yes, sort of. What are we eating – things that are growing in these chemicals, that’s what.
      Of course it gets into our food supply if it is growing in this environment.
      Monsanto needs to GO!

  5. Mark R.M. Holmstrand says:

    “Chemtrails”, the biggest hoax of the century.

    • Maybe you haven’t been paying attention. They are real. There are multiple patents that outline the specifics of “why” these materials are used. (See USPTO 5,003,186.) And OSHA has Material Safety Data Sheets on each of them, stating explicitely, “…not to be released into the environment without proper government permits.” This in turn brings such dispersal under the purview of the Federal Statutes on Chemical and Biological Warfare, (Title 50 United States Code Chapter 32, subsection 1512 and onward) under which guidelines the Secretary of Health and Human Services, the President and the Governor of each state where such dispersal is to occur are to be informed in writing thirty days prior to the planned chemical dispersal.

      They are called “weather-forcing aerosols” in the technical papers relating to the science developed by the United States Air Force. And if you doubt the USAF has any involvement, then take a look at the research done ten years before chemtrailing really started to accelerate in 2000.


      You will find these substances suppress germination in crops (other than Monsanto’s patented Aluminum resistant GMO), cause pulmonary fibrosis in air breathing organisms and suppression of the immune system to respiratory infection.

      • janet says:

        Let fools be fools, and continue on your journey… This chemtrail thing is no joke, and what you think is the flu is putting a lot of people down.

    • JourneysNonnie says:

      If u understand y they r doing this makes perfect sense. Corrupting DNA it’s the reason God flooded the earth

  6. John Zilla says:

    I have taken hundreds of photos in Easton, PA documenting this. Let’s start organziing within our local community with people who support anti-GMO. Talk to local farmers ask them what they are seeing. Just keep the energy vibrating at higher levels of integrity.

    • sophianlvr says:

      John – I have seen them outside of Richmond, Va. They were flying extra low and there were about 6 abreast – just so far apart from each other. Then another bunch crisscrossed those first 6. It was so blatant.

  7. hisrascal says:

    If all these chemicals are being introduced into our environment by geoengineering, how are the people doing the introducing protecting themselves? I’m not saying they’re not doing it, I’m just curious how they are protecting themselves, which includes foods they eat, water they use, etc.

    • sophianlvr says:

      his rascal, I have wondered the same thing. They also have to eat, live and breathe in this environment as well as their families. How do they now and how will they in the future be able to sustain life on this earth??

      • hisrascal says:

        You know, the saddest thing of all is that “we the people” have no voice in what’s happening. I don’t care that “we the people” have the right to vote to hopefully get people in office that will do our bidding. But they get in and they’re on the side of big business. Because big business has the money to make those in office do what big business wants. In my opinion that’s what it boils down to. The only solution I can see is that “we the people” stop doing business with “big business!

      • MarcusW says:

        First, I believe that they think this just has to be done. We also know that most people have accepted to live in a world full of toxins. In clothing, building materials, food and toxic fumes from cars. It goes with a good economy and the knowledge to protect yourself really good!

      • MarcusW says:

        It’s easy to understand that this is debunked even if it’s right in front of your noose. If this is important as a way to reduce increased warmth we could not expect this to ever be agreed upon though democratic assembles.Everyone would sue everyone and chaos would erupt. So they have managed to conduct this right in front of everyone but still keep it a secret to most people.Says a lot of human psychology. I long to see those clear blue skies again so I hope this dirty business will soon be just a memory!

        • Nancy says:

          They have slowly conditioned us all to hide our thoughts and opinions. It all began with “political correctness.” Now we are afraid to say anything. We are also afraid of everyhting. We fear gays, muslims, blacks, whites, old people, young people, police. This is by design. Scared people are much easier to control. They are doing an excellent job censoring us. I say talk about it. Talk to everyone you know. Do not be silent. Silence is quiet consent. If you have any breath in your body, SPEAK UP! AwakeNancy RN

      • Dee says:

        They have an antidote

    • ed says:

      Yes, that is a question i ask, too. It seems to me, that those doing the engineering…maybe AI or machines, that do not have the same physiology as we do. They don’t have lungs, arteries, etc Hard to believe a machine may do this? Have you talked to Seri lately…yes, she can think and reason..probably faster than we do. And they…AI…may have feelings, and get offended by our verbal comments. Some people do not realize this.
      There are too many chemtrails…for pilots to be doing them; So the only conclusion…possible…is that they are drones, that are spraying us.

  8. Brother Francis says:

    I also advocate the establishment of local MeetUp groups for information gathering/dissemination, where members may vote on what actions to take. We care about the degradation of our environment. We/they are locating and disseminating information on formulations that can detox the body. We can also invite influential people to our meetings.

    Life, for instance, has a new capsule called NAD+, not very expensive, that helps regenerate mitochondria. You would probably never hear or see this in the media.

  9. Victoria says:

    Hey everyone, curcumin and cinnamon are great indeed but zeolite is the best way to get rid of heavy metals! It has a honeycomb structure that captures the heavy metals and they’re then just flushed out your body through the digestive system. It is so fine that a small amount also passes the blood barrier and cleanses it too. I have noticed great improvement in my general health since I’m taking it. I cannot do without it now and I just ordered a big amount, so if anyone is interested, let me know at [email protected]

    • Alexander says:


      I hope this email reaches you well.

      Do you know if Activated Charcoal works as some people are saying?

      Thank you

  10. Karen Frost says:

    Dr. Blaylock,
    Just a note to thank you for taking time to share with us all the info on chem-trails! Most appreciated!

  11. Ha nem hagyják abba a permetezéseket.

    Állandóan tisztítanunk kell a szervezetünket ,az összes lakosságot a FÖLDÖN ? És mi lesz a vízzel ,levegővel ,a földel.és a szárassággal ,özön vízekkel ?
    Elektro mágnesesség káraival?

    Itt mindent tönkre tettek, hiába tisztítjuk meg magunkat, folyamatos a mérgezés, és hatalmasa VILÁG kára. Azonnal . le kell csukni az összes résztvevőt.Keményen meg büntetni őket.

  12. Alexander says:

    How does Activated Charcoal work for detoxing Chemtrails?

  13. This was my interview. My show is now available every Friday on the Liberty Beacon Radio Network. Check out

  14. Nancy says:

    Many other ways to detox. also. Bentonite clay, diatomasceous earth, turmeric, iodine; nature gave us ways, our government took them away and out of our diets. It is time for the American people to stand up and yell, “I do not consent and I will not be silent.” I have been an RN for twenty years, and I am telling you. They want us sick! If it were just chemtrails, it would be one thing, but our bodies are being polluted constantly. From chemtrails/ geo-engineering, foods, water, pharmaceuticals, etc…we are all pawns in this corporate fascist game. Humans are now a resource to be farmed for corporate profit. I hate to be harsh, but that is the reality of the current situation. We are living in a new age of social darwinism. Get on board, or get left behind. Sad, but true. AwakeNancy RN

  15. jarrett says:

    I detox constantly and their spraying has no effect on me. I’m almost 50 years old and I’m in better health than most 20 year olds. I will outlive all of them and watch them die by their own hands. And to the non believers, enjoy your cancers and dementia as ignorance is no excuse. Oh ya, let’s not forget, the fluoride in your drinking water (bottled included) bonds with the aluminium in your body and is 20 times more potent at causing dementia. Detox detox detox, don’t die like the sheople are. The nwo,the illuminati and agenda 21 can **** off. This whole thing is human genocide, only it will result the sixth extinction of earth. I said my piece, now I can rest easy knowing I helped spread the word. Good night everyone.

  16. Chemtrails are a hoax says:

    What a load of delusional horse crap.

  17. BB says:

    The best documentary for those who think this is hoax. I know there are a lot of hoaxes out there but this is not. It is the most professional, informative video all the way through with eye-opening truths.

  18. Jimmie says:

    What we are to take to help detox does it include the lungs.

  19. Barry says:

    URGENT! (YOU NEED TO LISTEN!) CHEMTRAILS ARE REAL! THEY ARE POISONING & CHANGING YOU! Save Your Life & Your Family’s Lives. The best resource for detoxing (removing) the toxic poison heavy metals in chemtrails safely from your body before you become chronically sick is on the website at

  20. Ty says:

    Isaiah 54:17 NO weapon formed against me will prosper –
    I also take Activated Charcoal – its what they use in the Emergency Room for poison cases.

  21. vtg says:

    Get the detox for your own sake, but please know that we have to fight this insanity because they are literally trying to kill us! What else does depopulation mean??? They admit it. They are killing the bee’s too, without which we will starve anyway…. Protest at every opportunity.

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