The Dangers of Chemtrails

In this video, Anthony Gucciardi speaks with founder of Global Healing Center Dr. Edward Group III, DC, an expert of detoxification, classification of toxins, chemtrails, and much more. This segment focuses on chemtrails, what they are, and how they are negatively impacting your health and the planet.

What are Chemtrails?

Have you ever noticed lines of airplane residue remaining in the sky? Sometimes they are contrails, which is the result of jet engine vapors condensing into tiny ice particles at high altitude. But other times these chemical lines in the sky are what’s known as chemtrails – a government-initiated chemical mixture allegedly put into effect to modify the weather and ‘control global warming‘. Unfortunately, these chemtrails are wreaking havoc on both our food and your health.

Chemtrails are made up of numerous heavy metals, including nanoparticles of aluminum, barium, strontium, and sometimes ethylene dibromide or EDB, often called dibromoethane. EDB is a fuel additive banned by the EPA. These chemicals are released in the stratosphere and fall upon our crops and all living things, mixing with ozone along the way. When the aluminum nanoparticles mix with ozone, they turn into toxic aluminum oxide. This aluminum oxide, along with the other chemicals like barium, help to negatively impact the soil we grow our crops in.

Interestingly, biotechnology giant Monsanto – a corporation responsible for creating genetically modified seeds, food, herbicides such as Roundup, and the infamous agent orange – is planning to release a genetically engineered seed that is resistant to aluminum and toxic metals. This brings into question the connection between aluminum and toxic metals in chemtrails and the profit-producing GE seed from Monsanto.

An Eerie Effect of a Recent Increase in Chemtrail Sprayings

As mentioned, these chemtrails are indeed negatively impacting both the food supply and your health. Dr. Group points out that, on the Monday before Thanksgiving of 2012, it was reported that the amount of chemtrail sprayings increased significantly. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, the amount of negative reactions to these toxic clouds did as well.

About two weeks after the Monday, Dr. Group and others saw an increase in people experiencing skin conditions such as ringworm-looking lesions and shingles. And as if this widespread felt reaction wasn’t enough, Walgreens came out with a shingles vaccine campaign a few weeks after the outbreak. Again, this scenario raises serious questions, as a profit-producing rescue is made just after some people in power caused the initial problem. If this is the case, vaccine producers and other government officials are raking in tons of cash off of a problem they created themselves.

Going even deeper, Dr. Group notes that the flu shots created over the past 7-14 years contain GMOs that can be turned on or off. The flu shot 6-7 years ago contained particles of shingles. Now, when specific chemicals are sprayed in the air and are breathed in by those who received the shot, the shingles genes are “turned on”, leading the person exposed to develop shingles.

Of course the dangers of chemtrails go far beyond those mentioned in this video. And while some people will call the information in this segment a conspiracy, there is indeed enough information circulating the internet to go deeper into this real issue.

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  1. LLiam says:

    GOD bless America, or at least those who try to keep us free.
    Like you folks… from the deceptions of BIG GOVERNMENT.
    HEY can you do something on HAARP next?

  2. Holli Diel says:

    One Natural Solution: Colloidal Silver – 3000 PPM to 15000 – Kills: Parasites, Bacteria, Viruses, Fungus

  3. Tupac says:

    “Dr. Edward Group III, DC, an expert of detoxification, classification of toxins, chemtrails, and much more”

    One thing Dr. Edward Group isn’t an expert in, MEDICINE. He’s a Chiropractor that sells junk science to dump people. ”

    Spray and get people sick, cause the disorder, then sell them the cure to make millions”- how about tell people you’re a doctor, tell them that you know science, then tell them that “you” and people like you will help them if they buy your books, join your lifestyle while actual people get sick and die, so that you can sell another quack product. Shameful. And why is he wearing scrubs?

  4. guyonearth says:

    Chemtrails are a delusional fantasy. No such phenomenon exists, and this person is a crank, not a real doctor.

  5. tin foil hat guy says:

    delusional fantasy? lol?
    wake up
    I know 2 people that were involved in project indigo skyfold
    One loaded the chemicals on the planes at jfk airport
    the other is one of the pilots who flew those planes
    its real and its scary
    doesnt anyone look up anymore? your skies are being detroyed along with the ozone layer every day
    law suit in canada right now to stop it there…

  6. Toguyonearth says:

    How about the ex head of the CIA, John Brennen admitted in a speech to the CFR, that in conjunction with Geoengineering, the CIA is spraying Aluminum and Barium to reflect the rays of the sun back into space to combat global warming

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