Woman Rejects Chemo, Overcomes Ovarian Cancer With Nutrition

(NaturalSociety TV) Evita Ramparte was diagnosed with a serious case of ovarian cancer after a visit to the doctor revealed it was the concerning cause of her constant pain. Told that chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery were among her only options to ever recover, Ramparte was not convinced. After all, she had been living her whole life in ways that she was unhappy with, ‘going with the flow’ of the world and ending up as obese and unhappy.

Instead, Evita opted to use an approach centered around nutrition and lifestyle — one that she says ultimately ended up curing her cancer that doctors said could not truly be cured. She visited an alternative health professional, and began a regiment of Gerson-styled juicing. Radically altering her diet from her usual processed food intake of pizza and doughnuts into freshly made juice from her own home, she also began to realize what it’s like to actually feel healthy and happy.

Evita even remembers how the juicing allowed her to remove around 16 or so stones from her gallbladder, stones that are made up of toxic materials that sit within your body and in many cases lead to gallbladder removal surgeries once the mainstream medical establishment becomes involved. Eventually, Evita’s new lifestyle led to a whole new take on life, one that she says revealed her ‘true beauty’ that she had never known. Looking physically healthier all around from healthy fat loss and rejuvenated skin health, Evita also is experiencing the mental benefits of a healthier lifestyle.

And as research has shown, the foods you eat do actually contribute to your physical appearance. Nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables can literally enhance your beauty and overall level of attractiveness by influencing the way your skin looks all around. Specifically, these foods have been shown to lead to a ‘rosy, yellow complexion’ that even surpasses the look of tanned skin. Meanwhile, synthetic and damaging ‘beauty products’ are loaded with toxic chemicals that actually contribute to cancer.

Evita’s story is one of many that is highly inspiring and makes you consider the degree to which we can use natural substances to help fight diseases that are quickly enveloping the United States and other nations around the world.


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  1. SahajaSun says:

    This is great news congrats to her!

    I also know using a Gerson style method of juicing really works wonders from personal experience..

    My mother was diagnosed with a rare 'incurable' disease called Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM for short). The symptons of which are so similar to glysophate toxicity (one of the active ingredients in monsanto products) that it was obvious this disease was a direct cause of toxicity, like all others right?

    Anyways a long story short.. she is almost completely healed from her symptoms after doing a strict juicing regime with mainly only raw foods… and only 3 or 4 months ago she was to weak to walk, and had to eat from a feeding tube. Her doctors are shocked at the recovery =)

  2. Marilyn Morrice says:

    Thank you Evita, your story has encouraged me to keep trying to cure this myself. I too have ovarian cancer and over 8 years have had surgery, and three lots of chemo. As my levels are on the increase now, I know it's time to focus again. I have made lots of changes with diet and lifestyle but obviously total cleansing is the answer, which I haven't done. I hope so,as I can put off chemo for a few more months.

    So thank you again for inspiring me.

  3. Bpeace says:

    Simply beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing. Stay well and happy! 😀

  4. yankee phil says:

    One flew over the coo coos nest. How many others are sucked into the regime of chemical treatments with out even attempting to try a healthy diet first, even advised against trying a healthy,natural remedy or aid in recovery. The medicaL universities have to get on board here to start the ball rolling. Perhaps the large medical grants given them by monsanto and other chemical/pharmacutical companies is blinding them to the truth.

  5. Helena Romão says:

    That is great news, and I can also give my testimony that, I did treat myselfe, in one month only, a big tumor that appeared to me all of a sudden, just by changing my nutrition habits, and concentrating on integrals, fruits, all kind of nuts, vegetables, seeds and grains.
    In other words, I did stop eating meat, animal (milk, cheese and yogurts), refined (sugar, salt and flower), and starting drinking a lot of water (about 3 liters a day) and especially destilled water. IN ONE MONTH THE TUMOR WAS GONE. Blessings to all. Helena.

  6. Evita . . . good morning.
    Note that your cancer location was at the centre of life and at the same time you were rejecting life that's why cancer 'landed' on your ovaries from your unconscious thoughts.
    Your 'Primary' nutrition i.e. heart , mind and soul were starved so you were dying . . . but you listened to your intuition and so fixed the problem and I am so happy for you and thank you for your video which I can show to my cancer clients and give them hope.
    You took charge and fixed it and this is what i will tell my clients ___ DEAL WITH IT , Evita is a great example.

  7. Alex says:

    There is no money in you eating healthy.

  8. franbogue says:

    How did you rid your body of gall stones. Are you saying your body dissolved the stones? Show the pathology report that shows your ovarian
    cancer diagnosis, type and stage.

  9. t there are a lot of other treatment for cancer which dont harm the normal healthy cells unlike traditional chemotherapy and radiotherapy..

  10. Evita Ramparte says:

    Thank you so much for sharing my story!!! Get my free ebook on cleansing – http://www.vivalaevita.com

    • SententiaeDeo says:

      I’m Catholic, and I noticed that during Lent, when we fast 40 days, or on Fridays, when we fast from meat, my immune system is much stronger. However, whenever I eat more than I should, I’ve noticed I am more susceptible to catching a bug.

      There certainly is something very good about regularly fasting. It probably has to do with resetting the flora / re-balancing the ratio of good/bad flora.

      “Purity is security.” ☺

  11. dolly says:

    And the latest: FDA to order food industry to gradually phase out use of artery-clogging, artificial fats……REALLY???? THE FDA SUDDENLY CARES ABOUT OUR ARTERIES? The day I trust the FDA is the day I trust our prez – anyone’s thoughts on this? What is the FDA up to now? And how is Monsanto involved? How come every article I read never mentions coconut oil to replace? Is this a ploy to destroy the fast food industry?

  12. amberleigh71 says:

    These stories are great, however it is useful (and more credible) to post the stage and type of cancer- a “serious case “- all cancer is serious! Those of us looking for infomation (and hope) from others experiences look for cases closely matching our own. The net is full of hoxes and embellished truths, while im not saying this is one of those, it does add a layer of credibility to these claims. As a previous post said, also post your pathology.

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