500% Radiation Increase of ‘No Concern’: Experts to Unveil Radiation Levels in CA from Fukushima Fallout

An Assembly member from California wants more transparency for citizens concerning the Fukushima fallout hitting their shores. Bob Wieckowski is asking for the Department of Public Health to post updated information about the true radiation levels on California coastlines, requesting that they be put in ‘layman’s’ terms to mitigate any concerns about the true radiation exposure that many citizens and the marine animals are being exposed to.

Meanwhile, a citizen-posted YouTube video showing alarmingly high radiation rates on ‘Surfer’s Beach’ has gone viral. Public officials did not respond to the spike, and did not comment on the video, except to say that there were no radiation levels to be concerned about, though this man’s video shows a 500% increase in one area.

A compilation of more than 19 governmental and academic agencies will begin testing huge batches of sea kelp for radiation exposure however under a project called Kelp Watch 2014.

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“It is imperative that we monitor this coastal forest for any radioactive contaminants that will be arriving this year in the ocean currents from the Fukushima disaster,” CSULB biology professor Steven L. Manley Manley told CBS News. The forthcoming news along the California coast should be interesting considering TEPCO has already admitted that as much as 10 trillion becquerels of strontium 90 and cesium 137 have already seeped into the ocean. This figure is likely a very low estimate compared to averages assumed by other experts.