Amish 11-Year-Old Patient Ordered into Chemotherapy by Judge

The Amish don’t always believe in our pharmaceutical world, and when they get sick, they often turn to natural remedies to heal what is ailing them – even in the case of an advanced cancer. What a judge has done recently to a young girl named Sarah Herschberger is beyond appalling. It takes the right to treat ourselves however we see fit, and crushes it, enslaving us to outdated and dangerous beliefs perpetuated by corporate drug lords.

Just 11 years of age, Hershberger was battling a rare form of lymphoma cancer. She tried stage one chemotherapy, of the five stages that were recommended to her and her family, but the side effects brutalized her. Her mother, Anne, decided that the chemotherapy might be killing her daughter instead of saving her and opted to discontinue the treatment. ‘The risk of death’ and a high risk for infertility are known side-effects of chemotherapy, yet the judge who forced Hershberger into medical compliance did not seem casino online to care about her life or her future ability to raise her own children.

The family started using natural and herbal treatments to get rid of her cancer with the idea that it might restore her enough to return to chemotherapy. They consulted a naturopath who was willing to work in tandem with her regular doctor to supplement his own recommendations for a solution. Needless to say, the doctor was not open to the alternative treatments. What ensued is every family’s worst nightmare.

Children’s Hospital tried to have Hershberger legally taken away from her parents, and forced into the medical treatment that they were shunning. Fortunately, the county protective agency refused the hospital’s urging, saying that her family was more than suitable to take care of her – even in ill health.

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The hospital then contested the decision and urged that the eleven-year-old, who was already on the mend from her natural treatments, undergo two whole years of chemotherapy. The story unfolds with more twists and turns which you can watch above, but the family ended up fleeing the country to keep sovereignty of their own child’s body and their choices about how to care for her.

There is no medical body that has ‘more expertise’ in how to treat us than we do. This kind of reactionary, dogmatic thinking must be stopped. We all have a right to treat ourselves however we wish, without this right we are slaves being sent to slaughter.