Germanium: Single Compound Kills 5 Types of Cancer, Often in Single Dose

An incredible antioxidant, oxygen catalyst, electrostimulant, and overall immune-booster, Germanium is a health-boosting trace mineral found in many plants. It shows up in nature as marine algae, bracket fungus, garlic, shiitake mushrooms, ginseng, and aloe. This natural substance has been used for over two decades to help potentially treat cancer patients with lung, breast, pancreatic, and lymphoma, just to name a few, and rid the body of toxic substances.

Ge-132, otherwise known as Carboxyethyl Germanium Sesquioxide (CEGS), along with three compounds in Germanium known as Sanumgerman and Spirogermanium, have overwhelming substantiation for working at the cellular level to combat the development and growth of cancerous cells. There are references to prevention of spontaneous tumors, the dissolution of gastric cancerscolon cancers, and more.

Ge-132 inhibits metastatic growth of cancerous cells, and beneficial changes are often seen after a single oral dose. This natural mineral is also rapidly eliminated from the body after oral doses without any trace of toxicity. This means that, as opposed to many cancer drugs and treatments like radiation or chemo, this substance can be assimilated by the body with ease, and released from it without disrupting the overall health of ‘good’ cells. In brief – no side effects result from taking germanium.

As one piece of research puts it:

“…The literature demonstrating its anticancer effect is particularly strong: CEGS induces interferon-gamma (IFN-gamma), enhances natural killer cell activity, and inhibits tumor and metastatic growth–effects often detectable after a single oral dose. In addition, oral consumption of CEGS is readily assimilated and rapidly cleared from the body without evidence of toxicity. Given these findings, the absence of human clinical trials of CEGS is unexpected. Possible explanations of why the convincing findings from animal research have not been used to support clinical trials are discussed. Clinical trials on CEGS are recommended.”

You can watch the video above about germanium compounds to learn exactly how they eliminate cancerous cells.