At Family’s Urging, Man’s Life Saved from Pneumonia Using High Dose Vitamin C

Numerous studies have linked vitamin C to truly dramatic health benefits. One recent case study, made popular by a documentary, shows how vitamin C could be credited with saving a man’s life from pneumonia. It looks like this immune-boosting vitamin isn’t just effective against a sore throat or the sniffles.

Allan Smith contracted Swine Flu while on vacation in Fiji. When he returned home to New Zealand, the dairy farmer’s illness progressed to severe pneumonia, which left him comatose in the intensive care unit. His lungs were filled with fluids and the doctors told the family nothing more could be done. They suggested turning off the life support.

Not easily convinced that their loved one was done living, the family looked into other treatment options. Allan’s brother argued a high dose of vitamin C could be the answer.

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The doctors were not easily convinced. They resisted and gave in only after significant prodding. They believed vitamin C would prove worthless and the family was only extending the inevitable. Still, they allowed it.

Allan was given a whopping dose of 25 grams of IV vitamin C in the evening and another 25 gram dose when he awoke the next morning. The following day, his lungs were clear.

The doctors, being adherents to the conventional medical system and resistant to any suggestion of natural healing, insisted the benefits were from changing Allan’s position and not from the high-dose of vitamin C.

When they discontinued the vitamin C, his condition worsened. When they resumed, it improved. This didn’t happen once, but several times before Allan was well enough to return home.

Critics say Allan’s story is anecdotal and doesn’t prove a thing. However, numerous studies have linked vitamin C to fertility, lowered blood pressure,  reduced risk of heart disease, and more. For Allan and his family, the proof is in his existence.

For many of us, it’s the most well-known immune boosting vitamin and the supplement we take when our throats get a little scratchy or our nose congested. But just remember: this powerful vitamin isn’t only good for the common cold.

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