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Polls Close on Initiative 522 GMO-Labeling Vote: Did Monsanto Win?

There has been heated debate and tons of cash flung toward the Initiative 522 campaign in Washington to label GMO foods. Those who oppose labeling of GMOs spent millions illegally to help defeat the Initiative, which would make grocery stores label all GMO foods as such, and the supporters of 522 have put forth valiant efforts considering the big budgets of Monsanto, Dow, ConAgra, and the corporate greed running the anti-labeling smear campaigns preceding the vote. But the bill was rejected.

Former Republican Washington State Senator, Luke Esser, and Dana Bieber, a spokesperson for the ‘No to 522’ campaign argued salient points recently in a debate over the call to label GMO foods. He argues that Monsanto, DuPont and Dow are the largest contributors to the anti-labeling side, insinuating that small farmers and organic growers really can’t compete, or even offer their preference toward GMO labeling with an equal voice.

Bieber said that “70% of the food would have been exempt under the It also looks at the number of recent requests for your credit repair report or “inquiries” for the purpose of obtaining additional credit. GMO Initiative, and that the language in the Initiative is very misleading.” She also argues that genetically modified food hasn’t been proven to be bad for our health. She quotes The World Health Organization (WHO) as a ‘trustworthy’ source for these studies that say GMO food is healthy. For those who are not clued in, the WHO is supported by some of the biggest money in the world, such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, who also support genetically modified foods under the argument that the world is starving and there is no other way to feed almost 9 billion people.

The fact is that GMOs are NOT safe, and are leading to millions of pounds of pesticides to be sprayed on our food, causing even further damage The future integrity of our food is at risk, and the unknown long-term effects could be detrimental.

It seems as though manipulation of the food supply will continue onward, but so will the fight against GMOs. No Monsanto, you have not won yet.